Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Danny had a work thing in Seattle the week after we got back from Ireland, so I went with him. It was a little crazy to have trips back to back like that, but I love Seattle and it's close to our favorite B&B, so we extended the trip and stayed there too.

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Poor noodlebug, she was SO SAD when we left again.

Short flights! Wooooo!

We arrived at our hotel and went in search of food.

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And we found it! Cheesesteak at DeliNoMore.

The next day I went exploring while Danny met his coworkers for their whatever they were doing.

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Post Alley was one on my very favorite coffee blends made by Seattle's Best back in the day when I used to drink coffee at coffee garden a million years ago. Oh, and Henry's Blend. Mmmm. That was Mike and I's favorite. 

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I got a muffin from Three Girls Bakery, raspberry cream cheese- sooooo good. The mocha sucked.

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That night we ate a restaurant in Pike Place, so I got to go back and see it again, all lit up. I had an amazing pork tenderloin, Danny had scallops, and I got to know all the really cool people that he works with.

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The next day, I felt awful. Getting a cold. I loaded up on zinc, and then went to the library, right across the street from our hotel for a hot chocolate and some quiet time.

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I read this amazing book cover to cover, and felt so inspired afterwards.

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I love this place. I love exploring, in total silence. This place is filled with people, yet it's totally peaceful.

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I realized that's what I hate about flying for hours and hours- it's all the people, crammed together, all making noise, in a noisy airplane, for hours on end. I hate crowds, and I actively avoid them. If I go out into the city for the day, I come home and I am just exhausted. 

I am an introvert, and people, interactions with people, whether I know them personally or not, exhaust me emotionally. I need my alone time to recharge. Most of the time, recharging with Danny by my side is what I need, but sometimes I just need to be alone. 

For many years, I was your classic co-dependant. I couldn't go anywhere without someone with me. It caused a huge problem when I was learning to drive, because I wouldn't practice unless I had someone with me. I couldn't be alone with myself, I hated being alone, and if I was alone I was freaking out. Over the years, especially after I started drinking, being alone meant I was drinking. And you know what they say about drinking alone. 

I learned in rehab how to be alone. I was pretty much forced to, due to terrible circumstances where I was being treated. What happened was so awful, and it hurt me deeply, almost as much as the drinking had done, but I learned. I finally got it. 

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I learned how to love myself, and to love one's self, you need to be comfortable being alone. Spending quality time with yourself. 

In a library full of people, I learned that I can spend quality time with myself, and it's wonderful. In the future, I will spend more time at the library to offset time spent on planes.

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Coolest escalators. They go on, and on....

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We were told about Salumi, so went on our last day for lunch. That sandwich was so goooood. Danny had the spaghetti one, he loved it.

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Then we rented a car, checked out of our hotel and drove to Snoqualmie.

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We've been here a million times, but never in sunny weather! 

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I love this place, it's my home away from home. Deanna is such an amazing host, I just love her to pieces!

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Uh-oh. Halloween candy.

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House in the country. The Old Hen, the best B&B in the world.

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I love the chickens!

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Danny trying to lure the bunny out...

 photo IMG_0936_zps8fdc6a1a.jpg
....and the duck bossing everyone else around.

 photo IMG_0872_zps8e6fe624.jpg
Pretty creek bed.

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It's that time again!

 photo IMG_0894_zps7701322e.jpg
Cherry Pie!!!!!

(although it's really not that great anymore. Like waaaaay lower quality than it used to be, which is so sad!)

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Danny had a shake.

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We went and had dinner at the Great Northern. It wasn't all that great, but the view was spectacular.

 photo IMG_0940_zps6674a236.jpg

So pretty. I just love this place, I can't wait to come back!

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